Vlichada is a graphic fish-village that is located in the southern side of Santorini island. It constitutes an ideal place in order to have calm and relaxing vacations. It is well known for the hospitality of its residents and the fresh fish that you can enjoy.

It is found in a near distance to the archaeological place of Akrotiri which you can visit very easily. Also you can move very easily to any other place of the island and it is only 10 minutes from Fira, the capital city of the island and from the airport and the harbour.

There is a graphic fish-port and a uniquebeach, that resembles as moonscape. You can admire the "sculptural" rocks and the soft brashness of the landscape that keeps thousands years afterwards, something from the uniqueness of the prehistoric volcanic work.

Even if it has become particularly acquaintance the last years it has accomplished to keep away the commercial exploitation and to offer a calm bathe far from indiscreet looks.

Vlichada constitutes the best part in order to combine the peacefulness and the calm in your vacations by wanting simultaneously to explore the entire Santorini.